Brendan Hibbert Design – TERMS

Your valued custom is important to us and we want to satisfy your design requirements. These Terms and Conditions are important to you and to Brendan Hibbert Design and should be considered carefully before you place an order with us.
These terms and conditions have been designed to protect your rights as a client, to protect our rights as a business and to create an understanding between us.

Commencement of work

Work will commence upon approval of the proposal by YOU (THE CLIENT).

YOU (THE CLIENT) agrees to provide written approval of this submission before any work is commenced, as a Letter of Agreement between YOU (THE CLIENT) and Brendan Hibbert Design concerning the work outlined in this submission.


YOU (THE CLIENT) agrees to make all payments as specified in the Budget and/or Build Time and Costs section of this proposal. If the work time exceeds four calendar weeks in duration, YOU (THE CLIENT) agrees to payment by calendar monthly invoice based on the work done to date.


If the work specified in the proposal is exceeded by actual work required as defined by Brendan Hibbert Design and any subsequent changes requested by YOU (THE CLIENT) to the agreed proposal shall be charged at an appropriate rate to cover labour, materials and successful completion of the project to the required deadlines.


It is agreed that all work and materials provided for YOU (THE CLIENT) by Brendan Hibbert Design will be free of any subsequent charges for the purpose of this project.


The ownership of copyright in all materials produced by author remains with the author at all times.

Once payment has been received in full, YOU (THE CLIENT) will receive a specific licence to use the materials for the purpose intended. This granting of copyright does not extend to the use of the design proposals submitted but not approved by YOU (THE CLIENT) for any other work outlined in the proposal.


Brendan Hibbert Design shall maintain confidentiality of the project to any outside parties, except in the course of their duties, unless specified consent is given by YOU (THE CLIENT).


If YOU (THE CLIENT) or Brendan Hibbert Design decides to terminate the project then Brendan Hibbert Design will be paid monies due up to that date and for an potential costs incurred which may have been necessary to have been made beyond the premature termination of the contract.


YOU (THE CLIENT) agrees to allow design works to be used to promote the services of Brendan Hibbert Design in print and on the Brendan Hibbert Design website.

Amendments to these terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions can be adjusted only through the signed agreement of both YOU (THE CLIENT) and Brendan Hibbert Design.

Billing Terms

All projects are billed 50% upfront with the balance due on delivery.


Two (2) rounds are typically allowed for and are typically included in the quote. However, outside minor amends, modifications are based on half hour rounds. If you require more than the designated number of modifications, or your changes are more than simple text or layout modifications, Brendan Hibbert Design will charge hourly. To reduce additional charges, all text and images should arrive proofed and edited in a single delivery. If this is done, only minor text and layout modifications should be required. Any text and images provided in separate deliveries will be classified as modifications.  It is therefore important that you collate all of your modifications rather than sending each modification through separately.