Benchpress that Letterpress brillance

The Typography Extravaganza, BENCHPRESS THAT LETTERPRESS was a huge success that could have been called by any other name and looked as sweet. It was an ALL CAPS title fight of moving quotations in movable type by Perth’s newest heavy weights In fact, there were a few alternatives: ‘a typographic exhibition of imprinted quotations’ ‘a typographic exhibition Over 600 years in the making’ ‘a typographic exhibition that will leave an imprint on your mind’ ‘quotations that will leave an imprint’ ‘quotational imprints on your mind’ or, and this may be ridiculous, but I think its cute – ‘benchpress that letterpress!’ but I do like your ‘Moving quotations in Movable type‘   You can see more images of the show here on the KO Facebook.   Nat Houston, production manager summerised it well:

This exhibition is based on old typographic press methods. As opposed to digital printed pieces that we see around all the time, these works, completed by our Advanced Diploma Students, will be executed in old printing methods, including Letter Press, Silk Screen, Hand Rendered Type in ink, charcoal, pen, paint. The subject matter is quotations that have inspired our students throughout their artistic journey. We have also asked 10 industry heavyweights to provide us with a quote that has inspired THEM. We will be letterpressing this, asking the designer to sign it, and auctioning them off on our opening night. They will be pressed/rendered onto thick quality stock, and hung.

Thanks heaps to Kellie and the team at BJ Ball for the lovely paper samples. They were put to good use!

Additional work in progress photos by Yusuke Fujii.


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