First Class on-time departure

Living up to their reputation firstclass.grads put on an epic show, which is best summerised by a direct quote from Uwe, a German investment banker that attends each year after flying First Class from Düsseldorf:

The graduation event was the BEST I’ve ever been to. As I mentioned yesterday, the THEME went through the whole event… not like all the years ago… „The cat is out of the bag“ there was a bag and that was all about it. 

But what I loved about it was that the students did socialize – they worked together to get it done… it was so visible how much they cooperated.

And the first time that this is not „only“ graphic design but also app design…

Likewise a big congratulations to our awards for excellence this year, which featured:

 Award for excellence Judged by Winner
BEAUMONT AWARD The Butcher Shop Kallie Bone
Typographic excellence award Isabel Kruger | Media on Mars Kristy Ford
Branding excellence award Sue Mawer & Neil Turner | Turner Designs Molly Broun
Digital Design excellence award David Moore | Patersons Securities Nicole Ursich
Advertising excellence award The Butcher Shop Nicholas West
Illustration excellence award Toby Wilkinson | War Ink Alysha Anema
AGDA Student Best of Show award Alby Furfaro & Hailey Sims | AGDA WA Kristy Ford
TRAVIS WALKER MEMORIAL AWARD All lecturing staff Luke Totterdell


Follow their onward journey on instagram: First Class Grads 2017 and go to to explore the crew profiles.


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